The problem: Going to college is the best way to get ahead, but borrowing money for tuition may be a trap.

Our solution: Finance your education without debt – use our locally controlled, equity based technology to send members of your community through college.

A New Way of Paying for College

Welcome to 13th Avenue’s “Paying for College Without Debt” site. We have built a new way of financing a college education, and you and your community can use our template to build your own.

Read about our pilot program in California here.

Why use our system?

There are two reasons why student loans fail to deliver for the borrower and your community:

Reason 1: Defaulting on student loans creates immediate and future problems for the borrower. It hurts your credit rating, makes it more difficult to get a job and costs much more to fix it later – and at the end of the day, lenders are going to get their money.

Reason 2: Fear of defaulting on student loans causes many students to go to college part time or not at all – this is also a bad answer. Going to school part time (and taking 6+ years to graduate) prevents you from accumulating meaningful work experience.

Both of these reasons result in lower earnings for the community, less income available to invest in the community and lower paying jobs.

Why our system is better

In 13th Avenue’s system:

• You only owe if you are making money – if you are out of work, you don’t owe.

• You pay a fixed percentage of what you earn. In our pilot program in Santa Maria, California, students pay 5 percent per year if they earn more than $18,000, but you can adjust your parameters accordingly.

• Financing is local, allowing communities to build the system and choose the structure that works best.